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NYS Tour with Anne

You've chosen Utica. Utica, what can I say? Not much. Fucked up traffic, with streetlights every fucking 2 feet. You can't even fit a small car, like a tempo, between two lights at certain places. It's retarded, yo.

What Anne Has Seen Here:

Well, there's Chauncey's: a cool vintage shop run by a cool chick. Lots o' sizes, lot's o' authenticity, and free prophelactics on your way out the door, yo. The Stanley Theatre: it's a place to view concerts and such. And that's about it. Utica pretty much sucks. Don't visit, unless you wanna stop by chauncey's. Otherwise, just keep driving on by, because there ain't nothing to see here people. It's only a small step above Oneida.