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We're recruiting right now: we need writers and artists and idea-people.. ya think you're interested? E-mail with "I wanna be on staff" in the subject line.

We'd like females, but we're interested in perhaps opening a male perspective part too, so if you're a mr.comedian, feel free to e-mail also. Just give a brief description of yourself, with name, city, state, sex, age, music tastes, favorite color, and whether you like lasagna or not. Include what position (not sexual) you're interested in.

Writers need not be masterful geniuses of the English language, but they should be able to run a spellchecker and catch some of their own grammar mistakes. We want quirky, funny, smart.. real Venus style.

Idea-people are those who go around and talk to other people online (in IRC, AOL, and such) and in real life to see what other girls want to see in a web page and then relay the idea to the rest of the staff. They also are the ones who pretty much "sell" venus honey (it's free though).. they advertise through online e-mail promotions and such.

Then there's the artist people. From them, we want pictures that we assign.. they need to have capabilities.. I mean, we're not looking for the modern day female equivalent of Da Vinci or anything.. but having adobe photoshop and other tools is helpful.

Each person who applies will be given a little test (like writing an article on some subject, making a graphic of something, etc). We firmly believe that if you want it bad enough, you'll get it. So if you think you wanna do this (we imagine it could be listed as "published web-page writer" on a college resume or a job position), e-mail us... we'll be happy to consider ya..... OR...

Just Use Dis Box Right Here ...