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They're called college-rock, maybe because they are popular among the college crowd. They are definitely punk-based, due to their label history on the punk-oriented record labels Chainsaw and now, Kill Rock Stars. They're Carrie, Corin, and Janet. And they're called Sleater-Kinney.

If you put Hole, Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth, and Naomi Wolfe in a blender, you might get a puree of what Sleater-Kinney sounds like. They are intense, their lyrics are seasoned with feminist ideas ("I'm Not Waiting" is a prime example). They have no bass guitar. They are fine girl punk, but their audience encompasses both sexes, which is a good sign that their sound is indeed getting out. It's a good sign for punk, a good sign for girls in the rock business, a good sign for the often overlooked, but very influential, label of Kill Rock Stars. Washington is chock full of these girls.. putting out some fine sounds on indie recordings, but their popularity is gaining, maybe slowly, but definitely.

Corin is the main vocalist of the group, wailing out high sounds in big decibels. Their sound has progressed from loud edgy raw noise to loud edgy medium-rare noise. "Dig Me Out" has a more produced sound, but fortunately, Sleater-Kinney has kept the integrity and all of the intensity of their heartbeat-increasing-make-your-blood-flow music of their first Chainsaw record, the self-titled LP, "Sleater-Kinney".

"Call the Doctor" stepped S-K up into the realm of pop-level college radio airplay. "Dig Me Out" has only furthered S-K's approval among girls, guys, students, punks, and everything in between. Their sound is catchy, their beats are simple and repetitive often (but that's the catchiness of punk music), but because they are loud and intense, it's a grabbing sound. The loud lead vocals of Corin backed by drummer Janet and guitarist Carrie are hypnotizing, like in "Taste Test" from 2nd album CTD. You'll have to hear it to believe it.

Here's a quick little discography: Hitting on the three major albums (though they have side projects, seven-inches, and numbers on comps):

Venus Honey Fave Tracks: Little Babies, Taste Test, Call the Doctor, Turn it Up, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, Don't Think You Wanna, Slow Song. Labels: Chainsaw and Kill Rock Stars. Sites: Sleater-Kinney Obsessive Fan page and Sleater-Kinney are good places to have a look.

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