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first off, let's cruise the cosmetics because we like nail polish. Oh, what's this? could it be anne's favorite color of nail polish (well, as of current that is)? Why yes! It's Gash by Urban Decay! At eleven bucks a bottle, it's no cheap thrill, but Anne recommends that you smack down the cash to get one of these grotesquely named luxuries (the name is half the fun). You can check out the authentic UrbanDecay site at but the virtual dealer on the corner is Mister WWW.Newbury.Com

next up, we're headin' for da cyberbookstore. All the ease of virtual stores, but with all the info of a real bookstore, it's Barnes and Noble's. We'll highlight a few fine selections...

Oh no! You are getting dragged to the music store.. buckle down tight, yo. All these selections can be found at the newbury site and

we could think of so many others, but guess what, you can only hang in the music section so long before ya run plum outta cash. Okay, and ya know what, that's all we like to spend our money on. Clothes are fun, but there isn't a site. Dammit. Internet thrift stores, we feel, are sketchy at best. So, skip the clothes and crap. Stick to the fun stuff..