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RANT: Musical Marriages. Why is everybody getting married so soon? All of VH's favorite musical artists are getting hitched.. and it leaves us wondering what is going to happen to the integrity of their music. Might it change? Tori Amos (hers just keeps getting weirder and more out there, but we still love her to death).. she got married. Liz Phair (we're still awaiting the august release of the white-chocolate-space-egg-or-something-titled album, so we'll have to see about her music).. she's hitched too. And even Mister Ani DiFranco.. we would have never expected it, but who are we to commentate on her life? Anyway.. we just don't want these girls to be bound by love so much that their music turns shitty. It's a selfish concern, but hey, we're the consumers who write their paychecks. So that means we got power. The power to bitch.

RAVE: Venus Honey. Isn't it fab? We had to say it.

RANT: Staplers. VH girl Anne has four marks on her person where she had staple incidents (3 of them from a powerstapler no less). That can't be good.

RAVE: White-Out. It's great. It's a zine-editor's close friend. It's better than just to huff. Honest.

RANT: The Gay Games. Beth says: "Why the hell did they leave North America and go to Amsterdam anyway? It's more fun here in the states! Stick at the Kezar Stadium in San Francisco!"

RAVE: Hot Topic. Not because it's a cool.. or "kewl" store. But because it's amusing. All the little happy thirteen-yr-old boys and girls wearing their heaviest chains and blackest clothes walk in and slap down way too much of their parents' cash to buy their wanna-be-alternative clothes. Anne's comment: "Hey, I got a pair of pants there. But they were on sale. Can't find Kikwears for thirty bucks in many places ya know. But it is funny to see the people in there sometimes."