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NYS Tour with Anne

You've chosen Oneida. I won't ask why, because it's already demented enough that you care about this small community of roughly ten thousand people. Since you're here, I'll tell you about Oneida, the Land of Nothing That Claims to Be the Heart of New York State (only because it's smack-dab in the fucking middle of it). I was born in nearby Hamilton (about 20 miles south), and then 2 weeks after I got out of my mom, I was taken there, and I lived in the same green apartment-house for eleven years, whereupon we moved out and got a tan house down the street. Same street. So I'm still rotting here... but that's okay. I'm gonna move to New Rochelle soon.

What Anne Has Seen Here:

There isn't much to see. I've lived here all my life (with the exception of the two weeks I spent in the hospital), and I still have yet to figure why people decide to come here, and actually live here. I guess because it's a good place to raise a family, because there's a fine education system, a seniorcitizenplace to put your related cranky ancientfolk, and the kids can't do anything because there's nothing to do. NYS Route 5 runs through Oneida, and here you will find a haven of fast food places and weird traffic lane situations. We have really cheap cigarettes and gas because there is the Oneida Indian Nation nearby, which features a bigass casino and smokeshops and gasoline places. In Oneida, (on my street no less!) there is a gas station which features gas that usually remains between 99 cents and a buck-o-five in price, and cigarettes free of excise taxes, so their prices remain unusually low. Kamel Red Lights are only 2 bucks and a quarter, whereas at other places they may go for three dollars. This is a very fine aspect of Oneida I guess. Who knows. If people move here just because of the gas and smokes prices, they're seriously warped.