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NYS Tour with Anne

You've chosen New York City. This happens to be my favorite place in all of New York state, because I'm definitely a city girl. I wanted to go to Fordham University at Lincoln Center there, but Fordham didn't give me much money towards financial aid (and I bet they are kicking themselves in the asses because I'm not going there). I'll be close to the city though, so I'm coping.

What Anne Has Seen Here:

Oh, all the normal crap, ya know: statue of liberty, ellis island (where I got some scottish postcards), Fordham (of course), central park, etc. I highly recommend Universal News on 8th ave (and its somewhere between 42nd and 64th street.. so walk a bit or something). Anyhow, I am a zinefreak, and this place is full of lots of magazines, and cigars and coffee and cafefood. It had a very cool atmosphere. NYC subways are great, especially when its summer and there is a baglady next to you wearing a heavy (stinky) fur coat (so I'm being sarcastic). I haven't been around these parts enough to really know much about the city though. Hell, people who've lived there all their life never know everything about the city. NYC also has hugeass barnes&noble's stores, expensive mcdonald's (five bucks for a fucking big mac meal?? what's up with that? It's 2.99 upstate.. but it ain't like I even eat big macs.. or meat for that matter), neat-o clubs (one of the main reasons I'm heading to NYC), and a hopping music scene (THE main reason). You or your parents have probably been here before. Maybe not. If not, go there sometime. NYC kicks Disneyworld's ass and wipes it all over the pavement, yo.