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NYS Tour with Anne

You've chosen New Rochelle. This is where I will attend college (at the College of New Rochelle, which gave me a phat scholarship, so I'm going because I'm broke). There's about forty-thousand people here, and Iona College is here also. There's a train station about four blocks from campus which, for a mere $4.25, takes me to Manhattan, and quite frankly, that's all I care about in this whole damn city.

New Rochelle is a whopping 6 hours (by car) from my hometown, Oneida. It's about 30 min. or so from NYC.

What Anne Has Seen Here:

I've seen this retro diner that I couldn't remember the name of if I tried, so I won't try. I've seen Iona, CNR, and I think there a few little stores nearby and shit that are cool but I never got to go inside. I'll wait till september I guess. There had better be some bars and shit around for me to hang out at on the weekends when I'm too poor to foot the train bill to go to NYC.