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Attention, gals.

This is a chick thing.

I've had it up to fucking here (I am pointing past my forehead) with all this "I think I'm into girl power" shit. Am I pissed? Damn straight. Why? Because the chicks who sit at home and gossip about guys and paint their toenails lime green while listening to "I'm Just A Girl" by No Doubt are taking credit where it isn't due. Venus Honey fully salutes the chicks who actually are out there pushing "grrliness" to the motherfucking limit. There are chicks who are instructing self-defense courses, volunteering at rape centers, giving their all to set the example of a free, independent, hard-working chick who is making good in the modern world. There are girls getting big scholarships to colleges, and there are girls who aspire to be a star athlete in the WNBA someday. There are women shattering the glass ceilings that are still be up there in every career choice. Mad respect to the real girls, not the Gwen Stefani's with their lime-green toe-nail polish who sit around and plan on getting drunk and laid this weekend. Give it up. This is a CHICK THING.

And another thing: the real riot grrls, the hardcore chicks who set the scene for righteous empowerment, are being ripped off by the girl-power-trendies, the Spice Girls. These candy-coated brit-twits, they don't deserve to even say "girl power", let alone coin it as their own phrase. What are they doing for women? They form a band, sure. But there are a whole pile of all girl bands. Are they setting a positive role-model example? Well, let's see. To feel like a real empowered girl do I NEED to wear crop-tops and big pants, or perhaps tight short dresses, or maybe to even have my chest pop out of my top?? Do I need to sing sugary pop music with watered-down lyrics? Do I need to look like I'm plastic? No. No. And, no. No girl needs to be a spice girl to have power. And that's a problem with those London-loving ladies of cheezy talent-lacking music... they are giving the wrong impression to the general public of what girl power really is. They're chicks.. but they don't get it. They probably never will. Platform shoes don't empower chicks, not as much as knowledge, maintaining beliefs, and thinking for one's self.. that is what gives a girl power.

Don't get it, still?? Hey, this is a CHICK THING.

--Venus, Editor/Founder/Chick

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