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Often sweet, sometimes healthy, good with milk, starts your day off right. What isn't to love about cereal? Grainy, sugary, marshmallowy, oaty, corny, vitamin-and-mineral-enriched crunchy blobs of goodness. Sometimes it gets soggy. It would be easy to go on and on about all the qualities of cereal. But one thing's for sure. America loves it. We eat literal tons of it every year (not each of us, well, maybe some of us eat that much.. but tons in the overall sense).

Da Big-ass Cereal Chart: this isn't a full listing of cereals (of course). It's a brief summary of cereals often enjoyed by many people. And then there's what WE think of 'em.

Name of CerealHealth Factor, 1-10Taste Factor, 1-10Comments:# of bowls you'd eat before getting sick
Honeycomb5-66-7good cereal. lightly sweet, very airy, corn-poppish.3-4
Lucky Charms2 at best8-9psychadelic pastel marshmallows and enough sugar to give a taste, 10. by how much your stomach would allow, 3.
Grape Nuts9 we guess1 at bestneither grape nor nut nor good, these suck.not even 1.
Raisin Bran84you gotta be in the mood for these fiberflakes. 2 maybe
Total Bran Flakes9-103-4raisin bran without the raisins.. soggy real fast.1 and a half (you'd OD on vitamins)
Cheerios7-84-5they boast low sugar. sugar means taste in cerealworld.2, 4 with additional tablesugar sprinkled on
corn pops4-56-7popcorn for breakfast.. with sugar.. pretty good.3 or 4
Cap'n crunch4 not counting safety risks to one's health (gum cuts)6-8, depending on varietythey taste good, but god, you cut your mouth up on these ever-crunchy pillows of grain2 for plain, 3 for peanut butter, 5 for crunchberry variety
count chocula38lucky charms.. but with spookiness and chocolate!probably 5
rice krispies and cocoa krispies6, 33, 6health or chocolate.. you decide.2 (with sugar), 3 and a half
cocoa puffs4 (because it encourages drinking of cereal-milk)7they turn your milk to chocolate milk. Yummy and sweet.4 or 5
fruity pebbles2anne says 2, most people say 5-6some people like these. anne hates 'em. too soggy.anne says "1 if there was no other cereal...", others: "2 or 3"
crispix66-7perfect combination of taste, health and crunchanne could eat a whole box. the rest: 2 or 3
frosted flakes45sweet, but mushy fast. a decent old-skool fave.2
trix3-47colorful, happy, tasty and fun. a fruity classic.3
cookie krisp37chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? what could be cooler? crunchy too.3.5

What do you think ? We're taking a poll of favorite cereals...

Send us your vote for whatever cereal is your fave and why (short answer here). Results will be posted in an upcoming issue of VH...

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