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NYS Tour with Anne

You've chosen Buffalo. This is the home of one of my favorite musicians, Ani DiFranco. I came here to see Canisius College and to attend financial aid seminars. I was going to apply to Medaille College here but they didn't offer any big scholarships, so I was like "fuck it". Buffalo's pretty big, has a good college scene, and a pretty good music scene. A lot of 18, 19, and 20 year olds, instead of fucking around with going to American bars, cross the border to stay in canada (niagara falls particularly) for a weekend to get smashed and party, because you only gotta be 18 to drink in canada.

What Anne Has Seen Here:

Not much. I've gone through Buffalo a few times on my way to Canada. I've stopped to see colleges. I might very well attend an Ani DiFranco concert here in June. But that's about it. The american niagara falls suck compared to the canadian ones, because canada's a lot cleaner and all (if you break your leg and you're in canada, they'll treat you and you never get a bill because of their superneat health care plan.. which is a good thing, but then there's all that "eh" shit they say, and that gets superannoying), but there's all that damn tax over there. But canada is a whole 'nother story, a whole 'nother country, and I'm covering my home state, only.